Sit back and enjoy laughs, lots of audience participation, and jaw-dropping magic for all ages.


Johnny Magic is hilarious and inspiring. His high energy, quick wit and charm will captivate your entire audience. 



From the moment he is on stage, he engages the crowd, holds their attention and leaves them wanting more.


Recent Videos

Helicopter Ride
Before we left Hawaii, we had the privilege of getting a helicopter tour of the island! Thank you to the amazing staff at Paradise Helicopters!

Shark Cage
I climbed into a shark cage floating 3 miles from shore in the beautiful ocean of Oahu, Hawaii. Special thanks to my wife who also joined me in the cage.

Johnny Magic Proposed!
With the help of friends, I proposed to Amanda in an adventurous day inspired by moments from our first date.

Johnny Magic and Kidz Voice
I had privilege to entertain at the Kids' Voice Monday Night Madness Auction in the Indianapolis Colts Complex.

Cliff Jumping
Cliff jumping is something I've always wanted to try, and I finally got the opportunity to jump almost 50ft into the Hawaii ocean.

Dolphin Surprise
While swimming with friends and enjoying the ocean, dolphins decided to join in on the fun! What an awesome experience.

Jetpack Epicness
This is by far the most fun I've had in the ocean. With a little training, I was able to fly with a water-powered jetpack during my visit to Cancun, Mexico.

Johnny Magic Being Real
I introduced the topic of being real in relationships at the America's Best Hope Conference.