"I look around and see kids that are staring at screens, depressed, entitled, and bored. As I reflect on my childhood, I feel it's my responsibility to create options for kids that support them in learning the power of practice, the benefits of social interaction, and the gift of presentation skills. Everyone loves magic. I'm excited to see how my new magic kit and app lessons can inspire others to wonder, discover and play." - Johnny Magic

Magic is fun and wildly contagious. Imagine your son or daughter putting on a fun show for the whole family. Picture them entertaining relatives at the next holiday party. Watch them smile confidently as they connect with others and make new friends.

An All-Star Magician demonstrates five core values in everything they do, both on stage and in everyday life. Using the acronym "TEACH", Johnny Magic emphasizes the importance of developing trust, enthusiasm, authenticity, courage and humility.

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