Chef Foodini is more than a world-class chef. His jaw-dropping cuisine has many food critics convinced he is a magician, exalting "His secret recipe must be magic!"

Foodini quickly garnered media attention when he tossed the world's largest salad in an olympic swimming pool. His philanthropy efforts include feeding thousands with his award winning chicken noodle soup, perfectly prepared in the hot springs of Yellowstone National Park.

To the delight of cooking enthusiasts around the globe, Foodini recently made one of his secret ingredients available in a special TV offer. The revelation astonished the world, because average meals no longer had to be dull or boring.

In a television interview, Foodini credited the reveal to a fan letter he received from a volunteer at an orphanage. The letter pleaded, "Please help us provide delicious food to our hungry children. We can't afford fancy ingredients, and our kitchen is operated by volunteers who don't have cooking experience. We need a simple way to make our meals tasty!" Foodini was inspired to help, and introduced "Spicy!" to the public.

Foodini is now preparing his first cookbook, which will be made available later this year.